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Miracles don't happen. You make them happen. And in the world of data mining solutions for business visualization, WE make them happen.
We are honest with the client ourselves, and with the people we interact with. This is our most cherished value that we take very seriously.
Experience tells us that honesty pays in terms of personal satisfaction and customer loyalty. We adhere to the highest level of professionalism
in all our efforts.

About Genie

Who we are

Genie Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. is a software development company based in Lahore, Pakistan with our parent and holding company, IDM Software Ltd., headquartered in the UK. Genie Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. is backed by a team of software professionals working on its flagship product LossManager for more than 5 years. We are using cutting edge technologies in order to make our product work like a real genie (almost). Being developed using the latest Microsoft and Oracle tools & technologies, LossManager promises to make your wish true, the wish to give you the best, deepest and widest analysis of your business. It doesn't matter your business runs more than a million transaction a day or just a few thousand, LossManager's rock-solid, highly robust performance is here to help you out.

The international team at Genie Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. and IDM Software Ltd. have pioneered Train of Thought analysis since 1991. We've had the privilege to work as a trusted partner with multi-nationals of all types and sizes across the globe.

We at Genie Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. and IDM Software Ltd. are specialists in building operational data mining software solutions with a proven track record. Our solutions are designed to be able to handle billions of records and allow you to perform complex analysis on your data sets in minutes.

How we work?


How can we help you?

Software Development

We provide rock-solid constultancy services in the following areas:

  •    Business Analysis
  •    Software Development
  •    Web Development
  •    Web Designing
  •    Outsourcing
  •    Graphics Designing
  •    Technical Writing

Genie Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. is the international leader in building Train of Thought analysis software. Our unique and cost effective solutions deliver powerful, unconstrained analysis tools and an intuitive interface. This allows immediate and measurable cost reduction, efficiency gains and margin/revenue improvements. "We are drowning in data and starving for knowledge".

In the last 20 years there has been an exponential growth in data volumes. At the same time our ability to analyse the available pool of data has fallen behind. This is known as the analytic gap. There are a number of reasons for this, which include:

  •    Working in a very complex environment
  •    Change taking place at ever increasing rates
  •    The data does not exist in a single simple format
  •    Requirements for analysis and reporting are hard to define. It tends to be an
          iterative processthat takes a number of iterations before you get the reports
          that you want.

Overcoming these challenges is an expensive process both in terms of time, resource and infrastructure.

Often by the time that you have got the reports that you want, the issues facing the organisation have changed and the reports are out of date and the whole process has to be repeated with similar results.

Existing technologies such as Relational Databases and Business Intelligence solutions are not capable of addressing the Analytic gap.

To overcome the limitations of current Business Intelligence solutions, the team behind Genie Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. has developed technology that allows non-technical business users to interact in a completely unconstrained way with large volumes of detailed data. We call this "Train of Thought" analysis.

Our applications include:

  •    Management Information Reporting
  •    Compliance analysis and monitoring
  •    Margin analysis and enhancementt
  •    Cost trend analysis and management
  •    Return on investment analysis
  •    Intuitive trend analysis in large and complex data sets
  •    Fraud and loss prevention

Our solutions allow quick and unconstrained access to analysis of business trends. Our unique software combines data from multiple sources and provides you with advanced data mining, visualisation and statistical tools in one intuitive solution, that enables complex ad hoc queries to be created.

At Genie Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd., our software development goes through a rigorous process

The process starts when the call occurs for a new shipment or patch.

The Requirements Gathering/Analysis phase starts. During this phase requirements are discussed by the stakeholders in brainstorm meetings. Developers start the development phase. QA team runs quality assurance phase after the development phase. Documentation team produces the manuals and release documents once the QA teams gives clearance for shipment of the build.

Process ends when the shipment is accepted by client.

Our software quality assurance is laboriously at par with our software development:

Requirements is the starting point, everything flows from the requirements. At the Test Cases stage, QA team verifies the Requirements, as test cases (with data) are built. During Sanity Testing, Software QA gets involved with this 'Smoke' testing. Fresh build encounters in this case and QA verifies all major functionalities, if all major & basic functionalities are working fine or not. If any deadlock occurs or sanity fails, the solution is to send the build back to Development Team.

In System / Regression Testing, SQA Team verifies previously logged Bugs found during Smoke Testing and moves towards Detail Testing or System Testing. Acceptance Testing is owned and executed by representatives of the "sign off" team and moving the build into deployment phase.

Logo & Brand Design

There are two core elements we use to create your unique brand identity: the Design and the Design Process. It is our pleasure to work with your company for your THE BEST in logo design and brand development.

Website Design & Development

The most important nexus between you and your customers is your website. Your presence on the web is the reason why customers choose you.

This is what we use behind our effort to design and develop your website. We do it from concept to completion, using all types of new technology and ideas, animation, site wireframes to developments.

Product Focus

Your business our Focus

We provide enterprise-wide scalable software solutions which are designed and developed by IT professionals and finance industry experts.

Our business software solutions are easy to use and offer high levels of automation and flexibility.

Client Support

Value builds trust

We recognize that the key issues for the client would be to:

  •    receive value for money.
  •    contract with a reliable, reputable and trustworthy
          software house with an outstanding track record.
  •    have the installation and implementation
          undertaken in a competent, well-organized and
          smoothly executed manner.
  •    Have the software house render a no-quibble
          ongoing support service afterwards.

Effective post-implementation support is a key and non-negotiable component of our business model.

All our clients enter into a comprehensive software support and maintenance agreement with us, covering free and unlimited access to our Helpdesk, free systems revisions and upgrades at a reduced price.

We offer user training using comprehensive and up-to-date training material, report development report development & customization.


Beauty & Brain

We continuously improve our products in response to clients' requirements through an active product enhancement program.

In those cases where a client requires the design and development of a bespoke business systems solution, we follow a life cycle methodology and modeling framework for the development and implementation of such software solutions.

GenieTech provides its clients with integrated, comprehensive solutions to the IT needs of their businesses. All our modules are available as stand-alone options and are licensed separately. Additional modules can be added at any stage in future with minimum disruption.


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